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This weekend: death and life (again)

A(nother) weekend with many reminders of death (and life). Saturday was the day when we committed my mother-in-law’s ashes to be with her husband’s ashes.  It was also the anniversary of his death, at only 61 years, in 1986.  I … Continue reading

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Seeing differently: strolling along Walcot Street

A stroll along Walcot Street earlier this week. Just some of the art you can see if you wander along Walcot Street.  If your appetite is whetted, you can find more on this council leaflet. Though I had to search … Continue reading

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Getting stuff in

I’ve made a good start on early spring planting this year – only really possible because I did so much preparatory work in the autumn. Clearing the beds and covering them with a deep layer of muck, and planning out … Continue reading

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Apples and trees

I had to smile (but quietly, and to myself).  This week, youngest son and daughter-in-law became the happy owners of their first long-term home together (if you discount the Bongo they travelled and lived in for a few months). It’s … Continue reading

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Votes for Women (and for men)

It’s less than 100 years since the hard-fought battle for universal suffrage for women was won in the UK.  (In 1928, since you ask). Did you know that it wasn’t until 1918 that (most) UK men over 21 got the … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I had three of these. And very useful they were, too. Until. After the Big Hen Move and all the allotment development I had a big pile of rotting wood, tree bits too small to use, … Continue reading

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Look what we did!

21-28 March, Bath.  Bath in Fashion festival.  Fashion’s not really my thing and never has been.  But community crochet? well that’s another story.  Most definitely my thing. Our bunting is up, and looking gorgeous don’t you think? Now come a … Continue reading

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