Crochet kit

I like to keep things neat tidy.  Sometimes I even manage it.  And so far I have with my crochet.

The ripple blanket has lots of different colours in it (15 to be precise), and I’m following Lucy’s recipe for the colour order.  But to do that I need to know what the different colours are called, and it’s not always obvious from looking at them.  So to be sure which was which, as I began each new colour I folded the ball band and tied a length of yarn tightly around it.

2015-03-15 12.18.31

Then I wanted a suitable sized container to hold the colour swatches.  I remembered this colourful tin I’d inherited from my father-in-law, who had a large collection of them for bits and pieces in his garage.  It’s just the perfect size.

The tin reminds me of him, though the downside of that is that it also reminds me of his pipe smoking habit, which no doubt contributed to his early death from lung cancer.  A sobering thought.

Then I realised I also needed scissors to hand.  This sweet pair fits the bill perfectly, and sits neatly in the tin on top of the colour swatches.

The whole thing fits perfectly into a cloth bag given to me a couple of years ago by a good friend.  It keeps it all tidy and together, and I could carry it around with me, but to be honest now it’s grown so much, my ripple blanket is more of a sitting-on-the-sofa-in-the-evening kind of project. A great way to wind down at the end of the day with a good TV programme.

2015-02-18 16.01.35


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