Knitting update – WIP*

*Work in progress, for those who don’t know

With all the talk of my new-found crochet love, you might have thought that I had abandoned my former love, knitting.  But not a bit of it.  I’ve still got several projects on the go and they occupy a different space in my life from the crochet.

Socks will always be there, though I may have to face up to the fact that the ‘girls’ in my life (daughter in law, daughter out law) may now have as many pairs of socks as their homes can accommodate – in the case of d-o-l, a whole drawer full, in their very small home.  As they wear and wash so well, they don’t wear out fast, and when they do, well there’s always darning.

But – all that sock knitting has provided me with a large supply of left-over bits of sock wool.  And, building on the waste-not want-not philosophy (and inspired by some lovely shawls I saw on blogs together with a couple of friends becoming new grandparents) I have used the odds and ends to make a series of seriously colourful cot blankets.

Cot blankets, I find, are the perfect thing to make.  Large enough to keep me going for a while, small enough to be easy to carry around with me, quick enough to finish not to become a burden.  As are baby hats.

However, what do you do when you have multiple finished cot blankets, and no-one to give them to?

2015-12-19 15.54.29

Well, my idea is to sell them to raise money for a local charity I’m involved with – one that chimes with everything I believe about nurturing the land and nurturing people; producing local food, growing community; about local, and about caring for our planet – Bath City Farm.

I have no idea whether these blankets are things that other people might be willing to pay good money for, or whether I should just cut my losses, sew them together and make them into a blanket to soothe my fevered brain.  But hey, if I don’t give the idea some thought and kick it around a bit, I’ll never know.

2015-12-19 15.51.27

Just need to sew in those ends and block…

I have a plan that in 2016 I would like to set myself the challenge of raising a sum of money for Bath City Farm.  I don’t know how, but maybe this could start me off?  We’ll see.

2015-12-19 15.49.35

Think I need to hone my photography skills a bit – these look much nicer in real life (and they are actually a regular oblong shape)

And yesterday when I took the bits and pieces I’ve knitted so far up to the farm to see what people thought, I sold a baby hat.  Which was an encouraging start.  £5 towards my target of £500.  Just another £495 to go then.

2015-12-16 12.02.11

So.  I’m open to any thoughts, suggestions, and comments.  I’m sure there are people out there with experience of this kind of thing.

I’ve now run out of left over yarn, so last week I posted a ‘wanted’ message on our local Freegle site asking for any oddments of 4 ply sock yarn, and I’m hoping that there may be a few fellow sock knitters out there who can provide some more supplies.

We also have our first great niece or nephew due to be born in Australia in June next year.  So exciting, and a great opportunity to knit something really special.  In my distant past I knitted several shetland lace shawls, and I’d love to do another.  Do people in Sydney have occasion to use woollen baby garments though?  I’ll have to check that one out.

Oh, plus there’s that sleeveless pullover I started and got half way through in 1984, still there and still patiently waiting for my attention.  One day……

2015-12-21 09.56.53

This is the real deal Fair Isle – no dyed-in sock wool ‘cheats’ here

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Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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8 Responses to Knitting update – WIP*

  1. Sam says:

    Your blankets are beautiful. I’d definitely pay good money for one if I had occasion to buy a baby blanket! Good luck with your venture – I’m sure it’ll raise a decent sum. You could also keep knitting gorgeous socks and sell those too, couldn’t you? X


  2. Laura says:

    I love your work and use of color. I also knit and I will be taking a crochet class in January. Happy to find another crafter to follow.


  3. Marian says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea to raise money for a cause so near and dear to your heart by selling your knitting — but unfortunately, I don’t have any helpful suggestions for you. It definitely would be nice to keep knitting (because one just can’t stop something like that 😉 ), and very importantly, for your knitting to be of a practical purpose (other than, as you said, inundating the girls in your life with too many socks!). This post has reminded me of my mom, who has pretty much stopped knitting for my daughter (her only granddaughter). I think because we live clear across the country, she finds it difficult; she would want my daughter to really love and use what she knits, and perhaps feels she should then have input as to colour/style/yarn, and this is very difficult long-distance. So instead, my mother has been knitting hats and donating them to homeless shelters. I suppose if you found the selling route very difficult, donating is an option, and thinking along those lines, I did hear that of all the things homeless shelters need, socks are the most overlooked and needed things, because people tend to think of heads and hands and not necessarily feet. Multi-coloured socks made from odds and ends would be just as beautiful as your cot blankets 🙂

    Best of luck, Deborah, and I hope you keep us posted with your progress on this front.


    • I had to stop knitting for my boys as soon as they were old enough to object to woollen garments (not very old at all, in fact 🙂 ).
      As you say, there’s always the donation option if they don’t sell, and everyone I’ve shown them to so far has really liked them (or been too polite to say otherwise…).


  4. I think the blankets are lovely–I’d buy one if I had any babies in my life. To build on what Marian wrote, what I thought of first as I was reading was the NICU unit at the hospital where my children were born. They had a program for donated quilts. Every baby who spent time in the NICU went home with a hand-made quilt. (I still have the ones that came home with my twins, almost 18 years ago now!) I’m wondering if there’s anything like that where you live, and if knit baby blankets would be welcome. I like Marian’s idea of homeless shelters, too.

    So nice to find your blog–looking forward to reading more!


    • Thank you so much for dropping by, how nice to have you here Rita!
      What a lovely idea, to give them to the NICU. Though I wonder now if they would accept these? but I’m reassured that somewhere there is a good home for these blankets. Before I give them away, I’m going to try out my idea of selling them for / through Bath City Farm. If they don’t shift, I’m attracted to the idea of giving them to a mix of refugee families and families in the north of England flooded our over Christmas this year.
      All the best, Deborah


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