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“Obesity is the new smoking”

So said Simon Stevens, head of the NHS.  I came across the quote in a Guardian article the evening after I visited our local hospital earlier this week. I do believe that the NHS has a way to go, if … Continue reading

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Time of transition – the journey

As parents we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the various transitions our sons have made along the way: first day at childminder, first day at nursery, first day at school, end of primary school and beginning of secondary … Continue reading

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Signs of interest

Last week we had another free day and decided on a new (to us) walk: from Bath to Bristol on the River Avon path all the way.  We’ve walked from Bath to Bristol before.  We’ve walked a few sections of … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut inspirations: fermenting an idea

Ideas can take a while to develop their flavour. Inspired by the exhibition and demonstrations I went to back in January, I have started my first try-out at making sauerkraut.  This (like the eventual sauerkraut) has been a long time in … Continue reading

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London’s green pearls

Last November I spent a couple of days in South London, and was lucky enough that this was ‘time off’.  So I was able to enjoy much of my time just walking.  I was in an area I didn’t know … Continue reading

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February allotment update

Well my goodness, where did February go?  Even with an extra day, it just seemed to flash past without touching the sides. Despite that, and despite lots more rain and quite a lot of wind, things are going well on … Continue reading

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