New York Parks – part 3: Bryant Park again

(most photos by Malcolm)

So.  We arranged to meet up in Bryant Park late one afternoon, after spending a few hours separately exploring different bits of NYC.  Just for a coffee.


This coffee stand uses part of its profit to support the Bryant Park bookstands.  The coffee and cake were good too.

But we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon and evening there, enjoying a (free) music festival.  The Accordion Band Festival was the culmination of a summer-long celebration of accordion music from around the world.


Ukranian music, including the world’s largest balalaika

Over the course of 5 hours we were treated to 6 bands.  The audience grew as time drew on and people joined after work, after school.



Bluegrass mix


(my photo)


(not the same evening, but I loved this photo)


A coincidence of colours…


There were some extra food stalls too, all recent start-ups from a nearby market.  We had filled matzo brei*.  I have NEVER come across matzo brei outside my home.  Only in America! as my mother used to say.  (It was delicious).



Different spelling, same food…. (my photo)

And did I mention that the festival was free?  Oh, maybe I already did.

We could have taken classes (after work juggling anyone? language classes? or how about fly fishing?).  There were fitness groups (6.30am boot camp, all year round on Wednesdays; early morning tai chi twice a week through the summer; likewise yoga).  The Reading Room has it’s own programme of events (authors talking about their books; children’s events; writing workshops; poetry).  See more at the Bryant Park website.

So much on offer.  So much to learn from.

I’ve just joined our local Friends of (the Local Open Space).   What about you?


*Matzo brei: hard to explain this to someone not familiar with matzo.  Break up a matzo into small pieces, soak it in water then squeeze most of the water out.  Add beaten egg.  Mix well.  Fry it over in a little oil or butter.  Eat hot.  Delicious.

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