2019 goals: lose weight

I am not overweight.  On the contrary, I am officially ‘slim’ (according to the recent letter from the consultant I saw about my lymphoedema).

Using the NHS BMI calculator, I am ‘a healthy weight’, and my BMI is about 24.  This is towards the upper end of the healthy weight band.  For much of my adult life (until I had children, in my early 30s), my BMI was just under 20 – towards the lower end of the healthy weight band.  And that is where I would prefer it to be now.

Interestingly, the NHS BMI calculator says that I am ‘in the healthy weight range, but at the higher end’ and advises me to ‘keep an eye on your weight and to try to stay in the healthy range’.

I’ve been hoping to lose this weight and trying to lose this weight for many years, with varying degrees of success.  All I had lost crept back on during last year, when I was struggling with the bad leg (and not being able to be as active as usual).

If I lose a stone, this will bring me to pretty much the middle of the healthy weight range.

I believe that losing this weight will assist my general health, and in particular help my leg to continue to improve.  Hence my decision that I will lose a stone this year.

Note that this time I am not aiming to lose it, or hoping to lose it.  I have decided that I will lose it.  Will that mindset make it easier, or harder, or make no difference?  We’ll see, but my belief is that when I tell myself I will do something, I allow myself fewer excuses and get-out clauses.

My plan is not to ‘go on a diet’, nor to exercise madly.  My plan is to simply eat thoughtfully and carefully, in moderation, and exercise regularly and frequently.

In January I lost 1.5k.  Which is not a lot, but nor is it nothing.  If I carry on like that for the whole year I will have lost far more than the stone (and more than would be good for me).  At that rate, to reach my ideal weight (which would mean losing about 2 stone) would only take me 8-9 months.   So I know that I can achieve my goal of 1 stone, which should take just 4-5 months.  The only question is, will I stick at it?

Just doing those calculations, I persuaded myself that I can lose not just the stone, but go on to lose the two stone – not something I believed at the beginning of January when I decided on this goal.

A few weeks ago I walked into town to buy the ingredients for making marmalade.  I carried home a bag with 1k of oranges and 2k of sugar.  It felt really heavy.  I’m carrying 4 times that lot around with me all day every day, that I really don’t need.  Something to remember…..

I’m hoping that by telling you lot I’m going to do it, I’ll be more careful to stick at it and won’t let myself off the hook quite so readily.  I plan to report back once a month.

Want to join me?


About deborah @ the magic jug

Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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8 Responses to 2019 goals: lose weight

  1. Sharon says:

    I like the way you’ve chunked down your goal and then chunked it back
    up to give yourself a timeline. I know you will achieve your goal.


    • Thanks Sharon. I love how skills I used in my working life can usefully transfer to my personal life. It will be great if I success this time – I’ve tried many times before without success, but I always figured that at some level I didn’t want it enough.

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  2. Nella Logan says:

    Well done on losing 1.5 kg during the first month. I think your approach to weight loss is very sensible. There is a character in Muriel Spark’s book “A Far Cry From Kensington” who loses weight simplty by halving everything that she eats. She doesn’t change her diet at all but merely cuts it in half – and it works!


    • Thanks Nella. I’m feeling reasonably optimistic that this time I will stick at it. And yes, I can see that simply eating the same things but less would be a very do-able option. I’m inclined to agree (in moderation) – I’m still enjoying the odd cake, sweet and alcoholic drink, but I have a small portion not the large one I could easily succumb to. I find when I keep the end in view, it keeps me on track.


  3. I think you will achieve your goal as it sounds like you are being very practical and realistic about it, rather than taking on a faddy diet (which never seem to work for anyone anyway!). Now that my kids are older and my job is a lot more sedentary I have put on weight, although my diet hasn’t changed. I know I need to get more active; I just need to change some of the things I do and incorporate more physical activity into my daily life. You have inspired me….


    • Ha! yes I’m still carrying the weight I put on (a) when my second son was born – he’s going to be 30 in a few weeks time; and (b) when I started working longer hours which meant more sitting down and driving and less walking around. But when you’re working and have children, it’s so hard to find/make the time for yourself. I did find that always taking the stairs and walking to and from the station helped a bit though. Worth reminding yourself that in this as in so many areas of life, the small changes do eventually add up. Good luck!

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  4. Sam says:

    Good luck, Deborah. It sounds as though you have the right approach so I’m sure you’ll do it. Eating smaller portions but not denying yourself anything is eminently sensible. Hope your leg is improving. Sam x


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