Two shoes, one shoe

Once upon a time I needed to buy myself some new shoes (last autumn, to be precise).  My lymphoedema foot and leg no longer fitted into my existing shoes or boots.  I was advised to stick to sturdy lace-ups, and to adjust them to fit with changes in the swelling.

I decided that if I was going to have to wear that kind of shoe, I’d go for something a bit more funky.  My first ever pair of Doc Martens.  I went to the shop and the very helpful assistant was so patient and kept fetching me larger sizes, as I gradually worked my way up from the size five and half I’d worn for all my adult life up through size six, six and a half, and finally seven until we found the pair that fitted ok on both feet.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I’d had to abandon the boots I’ve loved wearing for years.

The shop was quite quiet, so I noticed when another customer came in with her child.   She was young, good looking, and very chic.

Then when she stood up I noticed that she only had one leg.  Which rather put my self-pity into perspective.

I love my DMs.  Even more with the purple laces I bought for them.  (Little granddaughter loves them too, especially those purple laces).  They are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.  I bought the soft leather version, and they are perfect.  I comfortably walk miles and miles in them.

You can see from the photo that the right lace is done up looser than the left, to accommodate the extra bulk (and the pressure stocking).  But even this is way tighter than when I first bought them last autumn, and as the swelling reduces, I’ve been able to lace the boot tighter still.

I’m optimistic that when I go to buy some new shoes for the summer I may even be able to buy a smaller size.  Whereas the woman with one leg is never going to grow another one.



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Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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