6 (good) things on Saturday (November)

1 Baking – this week I baked the best bread I’ve ever baked.  I used my normal sourdough starter and all white flour, and followed zerowastechefs guidance on baking in a ‘Dutch oven’ (which I now know is what I call my le Creuset pot – more on that later).  So easy to do, and so very delicious.  Superb crust, and the open texture you’d expect of a white sourdough loaf.  This is definitely going to be a regular in this house.  I’ll be writing this up shortly.

2 Knitting – a couple of weeks ago I was given a large bag of leftover sock wool, to knit up as I like items to sell in the Bath City Farm shop.  I’m enjoying knitting pram/buggy blankets.  2 finished so far, and another on the way.  I’m hoping to get 3 altogether out of this donation, which will raise a decent amount of money for the farm.

3 Growing – my greenhouse seedlings are coming on a treat, and I’ve ordered my seeds and seed potatoes for next year.  I’ve also ordered some more fruit trees to add to my cordon.  The onion sets are in, and so is the garlic.  A positive start to a new growing season.  If you don’t garden, you might assume the new season starts in the spring, but in fact the earlier planning and preparation is key to success.

4 Reading – feeling in need of a sharp burst of optimism, I bought myself a copy of the newly-published book by Rob Hopkins – ‘From What Is to What If’. (He of Transition movement fame).  I’m just a chapter in so far, but it has reminded me of my decision after the referendum and then the US presidential election that now it’s up to us as individuals and communities to make the changes that absolutely need to happen.  With many examples of where people have done exactly that, it has indeed renewed my commitment and my enthusiasm – both much needed in yet another depressing UK election period.

5 Moving – not us, but youngest son, his wife and our granddaughter have now moved away from Bristol.  I admit I was apprehensive about it in advance (they used to live just 30 minutes drive away from us), but now I’m feeling excited to be involved in the very different lifestyle they have chosen for themselves.  They are living on a co-housing community farm.  It’s beautiful place in a lovely part of the country, not too far for a day trip if wanted and easy to stay overnight.  I’m looking forward to sharing in some of the farming life (hand milking cows and goats? yes please!  cheese and butter making? when can I start?  helping grow food in an old walled garden? oh my!).  And yes, I know – mud (and plenty of it…).

6. Autumn – colours, cosy weekend afternoons, different salads.  And everything else that goes with the season.

About deborah @ the magic jug

Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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3 Responses to 6 (good) things on Saturday (November)

  1. Lots of lovely things there!


  2. Margaret Gibson says:

    I love your posts. The photo of bread made me think perhaps I need to do some bread making. My son is a dab hand at it. Me not so much.
    Spring is here the vegetable garden bursting at the seams and shortly we’ll have our first home grown strawberries of the season.
    I like the sound of the Rob Hopkins book.
    I listened to Trump this morning and said a silent prayer. The UK election campaign is looking like a train wreck. Then we have ‘Prince Andrew’.
    Here one of the Govt. supporting parties appear to be playing some sort of shell game with their finances. The PM can’t really distance herself from them because she needs their support.
    So amid the chaos I shall knit and sew and look forward to meeting our latest granddaughter, Maisie, (yes the Scottish version of M…t) now six weeks old, five and half weeks early, thriving and vocal!! Daily messaging and phone calls keep us in close contact.
    I agree we all must commit to the common good for the sake of our survival and the survival of the planet. Middle granddaughter has already marched and has committed to picking up rubbish in the local area (9 years old)
    Belated birthday greetings


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