In the time of the virus: day 19

Written yesterday, posted today.  Sorry for delay, was just too tired last night to add the photos.

It’s Friday, so it must be Culture Night.  Which this week was Cosi Fan Tutte from the Royal Opera House.  If you’d like to catch it, you still can, online and free,  until next Thursday (and if you do and you can, consider making a donation – like all arts organisations, they are going to struggle financially).

It’s also a Bank Holiday, as I remembered belatedly today.  I want to mark the difference, so today I have concentrated on doing things I really want to do, just because I want to do them.  Which has meant cutting out most of the shirt fabric squares ready to start sewing the patchwork top, and a good walk to help get my leg back to how it should be.

I baked a batch of bread, gave away some sourdough starter to a neighbour, and baked the biscuits from yesterday.

I’m so pleased with the biscuits – a recipe new-to-me (from a book I’ve had for decades and not used for a long time), born of wanting to make something nice using up some of the egg whites sitting in the freezer from last summer’s ice cream making.  The biscuits used 2 egg whites (beaten till stiff), mixed with some sugar and lots of ground almonds (I finished up two part-used packets – one use by May 2017 – and started a third packet.  I sniffed first to make sure they weren’t rancid, after oldest son’s recent experience with some ancient suet), and I added a few drops of natural orange essence (best before May 1997 – oops!).

Garden/allotment – just routine watering for the seedlings and seeds in the greenhouse.

Exercise/staying fit – a good walk to get everything pumping in the leg.  Seems to be doing the trick.  As always, I enjoy looking out for interesting things.

A sobering reminder that we’re not ‘all in this together’ – as always, some are having a much much tougher time than others

Craft/making – had a good session cutting out patchwork squares ready to start sewing them together in the next few days.  Then crochet and knitting along to Cosi Fan Tutte.  Opera was never so productive!

House/home repairs, improvements – nope.  Maybe I should drop this category for now?  or perhaps just leave it here as a reminder that when the weather is too bad (or too hot) there’s no shortage of things to be done indoors.

Admin – another few jobs jobbed, as my mother-in-law used to say.  (We’ve been thinking of her a lot, and are glad that she didn’t have to endure this – it would without doubt have been an endurance for her).

Kind deeds/something for others – so very many things.

  • a friend offered to get some bits of shopping for me, and would take no money for it (as it happens, I have given him eggs and various starters, but never with any intention of payback).
  • as I was out walking everyone was thoughtful about distancing but at the same time making an effort to be friendly
  • neighbours are looking out for and shopping for an elderly family member who doesn’t live close enough for us to justify driving over there but who needs to self-isolate.  We are in touch daily, and it is a great comfort to know that others are there for him.  I hope these volunteers appreciate that they are helping the families as well as the individuals.  We are very grateful to them.

Stay sane! – this was such a lovely peaceful day for me, and I so appreciate just how fortunate I am in so very many ways.  I know that at the same time, many others are truly suffering, and others have lost people dear to them.  All the more reason to appreciate what we have.Also, yoga again today.

Every Saturday at 11am (BST) you can join Bath City Farm on Facebook live streaming feeding the animals.  This is an interactive event – you can ask Joe questions and sometimes he has a quiz, and he’ll read your messages as he goes and if he can, will respond.  He’s quite the multitasker, is our Joe, and a lovely man to boot – you can still catch this any time on the facebook page, and it will be happening live again next Saturday.

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Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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