In the time of the virus: day 26

Today has been trickier than usual as I barely slept last night.  I have developed an unhelpful habit of waking up around 3am and struggling to get back to sleep again, which is fine when it’s just one night but becomes more difficult when it stretches beyond that.  However, I know how fortunate I am not to have to work through this (as I did for many years leading up to retirement), and not to have anyone else I’m responsible for caring for.

As it is, there are always plenty of pleasant undemanding things to do when tired out.  Today they included a long walk; making another batch of yoghurt; making a large bowl of coleslaw with the cabbage I managed to buy from the greengrocer; toasting some more of the sunflower and pumpkin seeds we enjoy sprinkled on a salad; bringing in the dry washing (before the rain!) and sorting it for putting away; watering the house plants.  All mundane simple things; all things that enhance life.

Garden/allotment – at last some real rain; just what is needed for the allotment and garden.  Over the past week or so the ground has become baked hard, too hard for planting or sowing and too hard to put up the canes ready for planting out peas and beans next month.  I’m looking forward to being able to get out there again over the next few days to sow some more salad crops and plant out some of the seedlings growing well in the greenhouse.  I’m also looking forward to weeding the garden (front and back), and the strawberry bed, which so far has been sorely neglected.  Time to get it tidied up!

Exercise/stay fit – I had such a lovely walk today.  We drove out to the farm where I buy my milk and our cheese, and I was able to walk back home (stopping along the way at a greengrocer to buy fresh veg and a new zero-waste shop to stock up on beans, seeds and the like).  An hour and a half walk, in the drizzle, was just what I needed.  A real tonic.

Glimpse of Fairfield House, where Haile Selassie lived from 1936-41

A front garden in Weston, Bath

House/home repairs, improvements – I enjoy pottering around the house moving things from here to there to ring the changes, switching houseplants around, and the like.  Nothing you could call repairs or improvements, and yet it does make a difference to how I feel.

Craft/making – just two more squares needed for the crochet granny blanket I’m making.  I enjoyed arranging them on the floor, playing around with colour combinations.  As with other blankets, I then gather them into piles for each line and label them to ensure they get joined together in the right place.  I’m pleased with the stained glass effect of this blanket-to-be, and also with the fact that mostly this has been made with yarn I already had, leftovers from previous projects.  The only thing I needed to buy was some more of the background colour (navy).  I didn’t have any  clear design for this project when I began it; I wanted to play with the leftovers and see where it took me.  So far I’m pleased with the result.

Admin – nothing today.

Kind deeds/something for others – wherever possible when I’ve needed (or wanted) to buy something I’ve tried hard to do so from small and/or local businesses.  Yesterday I ordered supplies of tea from the people I usually buy my loose tea from.  I bought more than usual to get best value from the delivery charge.  To my astonishment, they delivered it by hand to my house late that afternoon!

Stay sane! – yoga, always.  And as it was Friday night, it was culture night chez nous.  Which tonight meant a performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society.  It’s a sublime piece of music.  You can find it here if you’d like to watch/listen.  I can recommend it.  Even in my tired-out state, it was an inspiring listen (plus in the comfort of your own home, you can crochet at the same time and no-one will tut.  Hopefully).



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Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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3 Responses to In the time of the virus: day 26

  1. Barbara Lafon says:

    We marvelled at the ballet metamorphosis .it is a weird show With a remarkable Insect man and his divided family. It was harrowing perhaps reflecting some of the current tensions.i was very pleased to see the insect dancer de role and smile at the audience Hello to all Barbara

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  2. I had to give up on weeding in the back garden yesterday as the soil was like concrete (maybe it is as it’s nigh on impossible to grow anything in it). Your blanket squares are really lovely and yes, just like stained glass. Very envious of your walk. I’m stuck with the last dog walk of the day at around 9pm so it’s just a circuit of the neighbourhood. Coffee bean supplies here are running very low. Unfortunately, our supplier (a teeny shop in Old Compton Street, London) has shut down completely for the time being and the local Sainsburys has very little to offer. An uncaffeinated me doesn’t bear thinking about! Enjoy your day.


    • Yes ground here has been like concrete too. But am optimistic that the rain yesterday and today should deal with that (even if only temporarily).
      You seem to have drawn the short straw on the walking! Are swaps an option at all? Would be nice to get the first walk occasionally, which I think is often the best bit of the day (all that birdsong etc).
      Coffee – oh yes, I love that coffee store! Always stock up when I’m in London. The place I bought my tea from locally also specialise in coffee – might be worth a look? they charge £3.50 for delivery anywhere in the country, up to 750g I think. An old fashioned traditional local firm. Nice people. Not sure I’d get by without my two cups of coffee a day….
      Hope your weekend goes ok xxx


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