In the time of the virus: day 78

The weather was good so we went out early for the walk we’d decided on yesterday – an old favourite, through the woodland on the Stourhead Estate (but not going into the gardens, or using the garden car park).  It was wonderful, and even early in the morning warm enough for just a sleeveless top.  The woodlands are so special at any time, but there’s something magical about seeing the shafts of light come through the dense tree planting, and the backlit trees in the distance.  We barely saw a soul, walked our 5 miles or so, and were home in good time for lunch.

This afternoon was a mix of some admin jobs that needed to be done, and making more face coverings.


Home made face coverings

I feel I’ve got this reasonably well sorted now, so I’m sharing how I make them in case you want to have a go.  I use a sewing machine for mine, but hand sewing would be equally good, just not quite as quick to do.  I’ve tried several different patterns, but have plumped for this one in the end as it is very quick. simple, and comfortable to wear.

I’m using the (US Government)  CDC pattern, wih an extra layer in the middle of the sandwich.   I’ve adapted the pattern to have 3 layers, which is what’s currently recommended (by WHO).  Oldest son and d-o-l live in London and although they’re trying to avoid using public transport (she walks the 4 miles to work and 4 miles back), at some point they will need to, and for that they will have to wear fact coverings.

I’m cutting the middle layer slightly narrower than the front fabric and the backing, to make it easier to fold and sew the channel for the ties to thread through.  My machine struggled to get through 6 layers of fabric.

I’m using an old cotton sheet that was worn out in the middle for the backing and middle layers, and a stash of cotton fabric I had gathered for a quilt  or two that haven’t yet happened for the fronts.   I’ve experimented with several things for the ties, and the one that works best turns out to be the easiest to find and use – strips cut from a pair of old tights.

I’ll also be making some larger face coverings to fit larger faces.


Cut the backing and front the same size (10″ wide and 6″ deep).  Cut a slightly less wide piece of backing fabric to go in the middle of the sandwich.  I’m not sure it matters too much where the narrower piece goes, so long as the good fabric is either at the top or the bottom, with the right side against the backing fabric.  You can see below the smaller backing piece on the top of the sandwich.  Sew all the layers together along the top and bottom across the width.

You can probably see where I unstitched this because I inadvertently forgot to put right sides together. We live and learn…

Then turn it inside out and iron the seams flat.  You’ll end up with the right side of the fabric at the front, with two backing layers behind.

Fold over a narrow edge down each of the sides  (this will hide the cut edges), then fold over again – wide enough to make a channel to feed the ties through.  The two pictures below show what I mean.  Iron flat, sew the folds in place fairly close to the edge (so the channel for the ties is wide enough to be easy to thread the ties through).

Then cut two rounds from a leg of the tights (around 2″ each seems about right), snip each one to form a long strip, pull it and hey presto it will roll in on itself and give you a soft stretchy tie.  One of these for each of the side channels – use a safety pin to feed it through.  Tie quiet close to the edges of the fabric so that it fits snuggly around your ear – you may need to play around with this a bit to get the fit right.  It will be easy to replace the ties if you need to.

And here’s one I made earlier



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