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A few (health related) updates: all good-news stories

There are some health-related things I’ve written about or touched on over the past few years that it feels like time to update.  Things I thought could/would never improve that to my surprise (and delight) have improved beyond anything I … Continue reading

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How did it go? – lose weight

I’m so glad you asked.  Not at all well, as it happens. This was definitely my failure in 2019.  Though I ended the year weighing less than I began it, that was purely and simply because part-way through I realised … Continue reading

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Six good things (not) on Saturday (October 2019)

Well it would have been 5 on Friday, then moved to 6 on Saturday; 6 on Sunday.  And still I hadn’t finished writing.  I have now.  It may not alliterate but at least it’s finished.   Because heaven knows in … Continue reading

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Going Dutch in Delft

I have a backlog of semi-drafted posts from earlier this year.  I’m planning to work my way through them.  This is the first – from April this year.  It took 35 years or so for us to get to the … Continue reading

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100 day challenge: so what is it?

It’s actually very, very simple, and takes a commitment of just one hour of my time each day. This is what I have set myself to do: Exercise – at least 50-60 minutes of reasonably strenuous exercise every day.  A … Continue reading

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Health matters

Something I’ve been reflecting on quite a lot of late, for reasons partly related to me and partly related to others.  The latter not mine to share; the former is. A couple of years ago, while walking the London Capital … Continue reading

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Five good things on Friday – on Friday!

I (finally!) got round to upgrading my blog to a paid-for package instead of the free one.  Which means I have more storage space, and can resume uploading photos.  As ever, the thing I’d built up in my mind as … Continue reading

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