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Quick Danish no-knead rolls

And about time too!  I’m sure I promised this recipe back in June or July.  Problem is, I always bake them first thing in the morning, before my brain is fully in gear.  Which means that I kept forgetting to … Continue reading

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The Gap Year: June’s adventure

Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe how long it is since I posted.  There is SUCH a lot to catch up with.   Which I shall do gradually, over time. First of all, I need to talk about our … Continue reading

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Mum’s apple pie

First of all, before we get into recipes and suchlike, let’s just have a chat about how to say this.  Because you might think this is apple pie, but in fact it’s apple pie. I just wanted to get that straight. … Continue reading

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Kitchen improvisation

“Agh!  It’s a disaster!!” This was how mum used to introduce most of her baking as she brought the finished article to the table.  At the same time as producing a gorgeous, perfect, French-style lemon tart, or an apricot tart, or … Continue reading

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Everyday bread recipe

[edited 20.4.15 to add a few extra photos; 27.4.15 to signpost to comments and replies] I come from a family of good cooks and food lovers, so food is dear to my heart and central to my life and culture. … Continue reading

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Our daily bread

No, I don’t bake every day.  Yes, we do eat my home-baked bread every day.  It’s delicious! For the past 27 years I have made all our own bread.  The ‘recipe’ has evolved over the years.   Just over two … Continue reading

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Growing where I’m planted

A phrase I’ve come across many times, no idea where it comes from but it resonates with me.  First of all, I love to grow stuff. But secondly, and more generally, it says something about how I see my life. … Continue reading

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