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2019 goals: use less water

To achieve a goal you have to make a start.  I made my start last week by reviewing our water bills.  It turns out that there’s a point to hoarding some of this stuff, particularly if it gives you as … Continue reading

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Going Dutch in Delft

I have a backlog of semi-drafted posts from earlier this year.  I’m planning to work my way through them.  This is the first – from April this year.  It took 35 years or so for us to get to the … Continue reading

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Climate change, Paris, and me

“Fine words butter no parsnips”.  A phrase I first came across many years ago in a Jane Austen novel (Northanger Abbey??), and oh so true. The agreement made in Paris this weekend was momentous, but only if it is followed … Continue reading

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Seeing differently: car-free Paris in the autumn (with added wheels): Part 2 – free from cars

Oh, how strange!  I thought I had posted this last week, but somehow didn’t.  Was of course meant to be between part 1 and part 3!  Better late than not at all….. This is the second of my Paris posts, … Continue reading

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