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The Gap Year: April

I seem not to have been paying attention – the Gap Year is over, and I didn’t spot it.  Inflation is apparently back with us – a year has inflated to 14 months.  We started in April last year by … Continue reading

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Seeing differently: autumn colours in the garden

I went to the National Trust garden at Holt to enjoy the autumn colours before the garden closes for the winter. It was, as ever, a delight.  There were plenty of people there enjoying the good half term weather with … Continue reading

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June and July: the allotment update

There seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging here doesn’t there.  That is, not keeping up with the posts.  And it’s not just the posts I’ve fallen behind with – some parts of the allotment have been lacking … Continue reading

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April and May: allotment update

Well as expected, two very busy months out there.  But it is all looking very good, and despite a few fails (peas, mangetout, rows of lovely salad seedlings trashed by ??something…) I’m pleased with how its going so far. I spent … Continue reading

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January allotment update

Well I finally did manage to get out there and do a few things in January, in the odd moments between the downpours. I moved most of the fruit bushes up to the Orchard Plot, which I’ve dug over ready … Continue reading

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Seeing differently: car-free Paris in the autumn (with added wheels): Part 3 – gardens

This is my third (and last) post drafted following our September visit to Paris, and finished during the aftermath of the horrible attacks last Friday.   An email exchange with our French friends moved us very much.  The daughter of … Continue reading

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DIY confetti

The natural kind, and it pretty much ‘makes’ itself.  This is (of course) a summer thing to do.  I do it every year now, as there always seems to be someone we know or know of who wants to use … Continue reading

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