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My designer life

I haven’t had a sudden conversion to fashionable designer brands nor a make-over.  What I want to explore here is my journey through design and my love of ‘good’ design.  By which I suppose I just mean design that not … Continue reading

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‘Whatever next?’ – March 2017 update

1. LISTEN Contrasting things this month – a small personal story; and two examples of inspiring courage from terrible personal tragedy. First the small personal story.  No details because they’re not mine to tell, but I think the lesson I … Continue reading

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Climate change, Paris, and me

“Fine words butter no parsnips”.  A phrase I first came across many years ago in a Jane Austen novel (Northanger Abbey??), and oh so true. The agreement made in Paris this weekend was momentous, but only if it is followed … Continue reading

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Inspirations: food from waste

Every now and then you come across an idea that keeps on reappearing in different guises.  An idea I keep stumbling across right now is growing mushrooms on food waste.  Spent coffee grounds, to be  specific. Here in Bath, our … Continue reading

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