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Choose hope

Seen around and about in recent weeks.  In Bristol, Bath and Gloucester (not necessarily in that order).  Enjoy. ♥ ♥ Choose hope ♥♥♥

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2019 goals: use less water – April update

We received our latest water bill yesterday.  I was interested to see whether or not we had managed to achieve any reduction in how much we used. Well yes, we have.  Down from 23 cubic metres in the previous 6 … Continue reading

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Planning backwards

For now at least, some of our weeks have settled down into a more regular pattern, with some anchor activities determining how other things fit in alongside and around them. In particular, our regular day for visiting our granddaughter (and … Continue reading

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Making the most of the (food) seasons

We’ve had allotments for well over 30 years, and eating our own produce is an ingrained part of our family life.   Alongside that, I’ve increasingly bought produce in season to enjoy at the time but also to preserve.  First … Continue reading

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2019 goals: lose weight

I am not overweight.  On the contrary, I am officially ‘slim’ (according to the recent letter from the consultant I saw about my lymphoedema). Using the NHS BMI calculator, I am ‘a healthy weight’, and my BMI is about 24. … Continue reading

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Marmalade time (2019)

It’s been a few years since I made marmalade, mainly because I made far too much last time around and in the meantime several kind friends and relatives gave me some of theirs (a special mention for the grapefruit marmalade … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons: addendum

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