Welcome, September! I’m ready for you

Oh I love September – such a time of promise, of renewal, of fresh starts.  Of course, new terms and academic years.  But also (Jewish) New Year*.

We’re just home from a lovely, relaxing, restorative holiday, which we booked back in January when we felt that we would really need one (and we were right).  We’re feeling suitably renewed and ready to start back in again.

2015-08-27 11.26.21

Walking in the Dolomites

2015-08-30 11.42.46


2015-09-06 18.56.49

Back home to lots of green pickings: a marrow, some courgettes, lots of green beans, and yes – 14 more cucumbers!

It helps that I have slept well for the past week or more.  I’m full of ideas of what I’d like to do and to achieve this (next) year – the year when both Malcolm and I will turn 60, the year when we will celebrate having been together for 40 years.  The year when our oldest son will turn 30 (another whole year to go till that one though).  And probably the year when we will both retire from our professional work (or at least, the paid work we’re doing at the moment).

So much to celebrate, so much to enjoy.

2015-09-02 12.21.19

Padua again

It helps of course that suddenly the weather is glorious.  I have lots of plans for the garden (front and back), and for the allotment.  I have crafting plans, and writing plans.  I have fitness plans – yes to the running and more cycling this year, and definitely continuing walking.  I have plans to help both sons and their partners in their new homes.  I have plans to travel, and to see more of friends and relatives.

The past few years have been dominated by caring and other responsibilities.  There will still be some of that, but with luck the balance will have shifted considerably, and this year will be one of enjoyment and fun alongside work, gatherings with friends and family, and involvement in our community.

I made a start yesterday and today by going for my first runs for a long time, continuing with a crochet project, arranging to visit both sons to help out with ‘stuff’, and visiting a garden which is an inspiration to me (more of that later this week).

2015-09-06 15.50.22

Not my garden – but inspirational! (inside Charles Dowding’s greenhouse)

I hope that you too are able to start this New Year with optimism and hope, and full of positive plans and ideas.


*Rosh Hashanah (New Year) begins on the evening of 13 September this year; Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) starts on the evening of 22 September this year.

About deborah @ the magic jug

Now I've passed 60 I'm still doing all sorts of things I haven't done before, as well as carrying on with the things I already love. I live a happy life with my long term love Malcolm. In my blog I explore local and low tech ideas, food, growing, making, reading, thinking, walking, and lots of other words ending in 'ing'.
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10 Responses to Welcome, September! I’m ready for you

  1. lovely post. I agree there seems to be something about September that makes me think about new beginnings. Perhaps it’s coming home after a summer holiday or – for us – back to school for kids and husband. Would love to hear more about the Dolomites. We travelled by train from Verona to Munich last month and saw some amazing scenery.


    • Oh well you will have done the same rail journey we did. We went out by rail (London to Munich, overnight stay, then Munich to Bressanone (you will have been through there). From there to Ortisei by bus, then back onto the train at Bolzano and on to Padova (changing at Verona). Wonderful scenery, and the bits you didn’t see from the train are just stunning. Will be writing more about this over the next few weeks.
      The real disappointment was that with the overnight trains gone, it was just too expensive for us to justify travelling back by train so we flew back. Will be looking to see how we can avoid that another time!
      Have been reading about your amazing journey on your blog – sounds just wonderful!

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  2. Marian says:

    Wonderful photos … those mountains are amazing! So glad to hear you and Malcolm had a good holiday 🙂

    I too, think of September as the New Year (even without being Jewish!), and I’m feeling full of positive plans too 🙂 . For starters, I’m going to clean the house from top to bottom, and do a massive purge along the way. We got our daughter (and her stuff!) off to university this past Thursday, and once the boys go to school on Tuesday I’ll begin. It’s been so hot and humid that it’s been difficult to get motivated this summer (who wants to wash the floor when it’s muggy and all you’re doing is adding additional dampness to the house? Or, well, that’s been my excuse anyway 😉 ). I’m also determined to find some sort of exercise that I can stick with. I had been going for the occasional long walk during the school year, after dropping off our youngest, but that fell by the wayside during the summer months, and becomes a bit more difficult to do in the middle of winter. And, far too often, I used chores and projects as an excuse to not go for walks. Everyone else in my family seems to carve out time for themselves to exercise, so I need to stop feeling guilty about doing the same!


    • I think we’re really lucky to live somewhere that exercise is pretty easy (and still I make the excuses!) – walking, cycling and running are literally all from our front door, and nice places too. It must be harder if you live somewhere it’s not safe to get out from without going somewhere else first.
      I don’t envy you living somewhere humid either – our week in Padua was very hot and humid, and we ended up not going anywhere apart from strolls around the town morning and early evening. Just too darn hot and sticky to do anything else. But that was fine, as it was just what I needed as a holiday – lots of sitting around somewhere nice reading.
      Yup – as you say, you need to just make the time and do it. I remember my (medical doctor) cousin saying that she made herself go for exercise by telling herself that it was a health prescription – if she needed to take medicine, she’d make sure she took it. But we need to take exercise in order NOT to need to take medicine. So don’t feel guilty about it!
      Good luck with all the resolutions (and don’t forget to have fun doing them!)


  3. Sam says:

    Oh those mountains look wonderful. Welcome home, glad you had a restorative holiday. It’s great to take time to take stock and make plans. Yours sound great. I, too, am making plans and endeavouring to get organised. With all three at secondary school it’s time to make a few changes. It is definitely that time of year!


    • Thanks Sam.
      All three at secondary school is quite a milestone isn’t it. Time to develop your own independent life a bit more maybe? Looking forward to reading about your new plans in due course.
      I’ll be writing a bit more about the mountains, it really was such a wonderful experience being there.


  4. simoneharch says:

    Hi Deborah. I really enjoyed your post, thank you. I feel the same as you about the new beginnings, but have reigned myself in a little this year to focus less on the achievement and more on hope. I too came home to many, many greens – 14 cucumbers at last count! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Simone


    • Thank you Simone! Yes I agree, sometimes it’s important to let go of worrying about achievement (a destination) and focus instead on the journey. Hope is definitely something to cultivate!
      Tell me – what are your plans for your 14 cucumbers? I’m eating my way through mine, but as fast as I chomp more come along! People are now running away from me if they see me approach with one – the only way seems to be stealth!


      • simoneharch says:

        Haha! Yes, I’m much the same with my friends! I find it much easier having a courgette glut – have a great receipt for a courgette and lemon and garlic pasta that we eat a lot of… However, the cucumbers are a little trickier. I wrap them tightly in clingfilm (a la the supermarkets) which retains the texture well – and then I’m having a salad every night and a sandwich every day – as are all the children who live with me!!! I’m down to about 5 now and only have another 4 growing so far – I will miss them when they’re gone!


      • Yes that’s the thing – as quickly as I can eat them, more grow. Picked another 6 yesterday afternoon! But I think that many be the last of them, and like you I shall miss them when they’re gone. Till next year.


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