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Just playing around (and a request!)

After finishing the last big (crochet) blanket I felt like just playing around a bit.  So I got out all the odds and ends of blanket yarn and started on a small ‘granny stripe’ blanket using Lucy’s online tutorial (Attic24). … Continue reading

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The allotment: autumn, winter, and into spring!

My goodness, I had no idea it was so long since I last wrote an allotment post (October last year, I see). In part that reflects that not much was happening there, but in fact there was a lot of … Continue reading

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My designer life

I haven’t had a sudden conversion to fashionable designer brands nor a make-over.  What I want to explore here is my journey through design and my love of ‘good’ design.  By which I suppose I just mean design that not … Continue reading

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The Gap Year: November Part 2

Mini-adventure 2 (all photos by Malcolm – apart from the chips) We had talked about having a few days away in late November to celebrate our ‘going out together’ anniversary. The GWR rail offer planted a seed of an idea … Continue reading

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Quick Danish no-knead rolls

And about time too!  I’m sure I promised this recipe back in June or July.  Problem is, I always bake them first thing in the morning, before my brain is fully in gear.  Which means that I kept forgetting to … Continue reading

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The Gap Year: October ‘adventure’

Another month where you might not consider what we did to be an adventure, but I do. Because we didn’t go away anywhere or do anything exotic, and yet it was both familiar and unfamiliar, and quietly entrancing. We stayed … Continue reading

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Something from (almost) nothing

Now that I’ve pretty much used up all my bits and pieces of sock yarn knitting blankets and phone socks for the City Farm to sell, I’ve moved on to using other people’s oddments. This included a bag full of … Continue reading

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